Vintage Timeless Coffee, 900 NW 150th, Oklahoma City, OK, 73013

Cheese Weasel Day is globalĀ  holiday, you can start a local celebration wherever you are. Here’s what we are doing locally here in OKC. What are you planning? Let us know!

OPEN EVENT: Anyone can come! We now have a location for the CWD celebration in Oklahoma City. Give us a couple more days and will give some more information about the celebration. Until then, mark your calendars and plan to come to:

Cheese Weasel Day Reception
Saturday, April 3rd, 2:00-5:00 PM
Vintage timeless Coffee
900 NW 150th
Oklahoma City, OK, 73013

Cheese Weasel Day (CWD) is the only Internet holiday. Started around 1993, CWD is celebrated each April 3rd as a fun day dedicated to appreciating people who work in the tech industry. Stop by our come and go reception at Vintage timeless Coffee on Saturday, April 3rd to say thanks to the technical people in your life. Come celebrate the contributions of your technical friends buy them a Vintage CWD special. Come socialize with other techie peeps and the people who appreciate them!