Lizette Beard, Project Manager at LifeWay Research shares how they celebrated Cheese Weasel Day today. See below from Lizette…

LifeWay has some of the best tech support around, so it was exciting to see the Cheese Weasel leave a few “thank you”s around the building! A few of the folks the Cheese Weasel stopped by to see before continuing on was

  • Our in-house “Help Desk” …because when you call to see if they can help speed up your computer, they never suggest that the problem could be that you’ve dropped it or that scotch-tape is holding part of the screen on…

  • Our development team  …who who make magic computer-y things appear out of thin air. For example, they did a GREAT job on (shameless plug for one of my projects)!

  • Our executive team tech support members who make sure the “big cheeses” have great technology support…(see what I did there…big cheese…cheese weasel day…)
  • Our team…getting the word out online about the good stuff happening here @LifeWay and in the churches we serve….

  • And creative artsy techy types who make magic happen on blogs across the company!