Okay techies and people who love them, it’s time to get in touch with your inner weasel and plan your 2013 Cheese Weasel Day celebration. Remember April 3rd this year!

Get in Touch With You Inner Cheese Weasel

Help us tell the story of gratitude and cheesiness! Here are a few ways you can get involved:

Plan a party for your IT crew: Spread gratitude (and perhaps a little cheesiness) to all humanity. Introduce this fun Internet holiday that celebrates the IT people in our lives to the tech leaders you work with, consider having a Cheese Weasel Day celebration of your own this April 3rd.

Make sure you tell others about this fun way to show gratitude to the tech workers.

Remake the CWD song: Each year we try to add something new to this fun Internet holiday, do your own version of our Cheese Weasel Day song. So far we have the original song, a rap version, and a Blues version. Listen to them here. We need your creativity!
Write a Kid’s Book: Another idea, are you a creative writer? CWD isn’t really a kid’s day, but that doesn’t mean the story wouln’t make a good book! We’d love to have the Cheese Weasel Day children’s book. Make an illustrated kids book (pdf) that can become a part of the CWD tradition.
Write a Graphic Novel:  This might be wishful thinking, but surely there is among us someone who could make a graphic novel (PDF) about the Cheese Weasel. How did he get his powers? Who is his arch rival? Can he save the world from him?
Be sure to let us know of your plans so we can help tell others what you’re doing!