April 3rd has become the official Cheese Weasel Day when tech workers around the world are rewarded for their good work with a piece of cheese under their mouse. This year, however, the Cheese Weasel has teamed up with ROBYN to make ordering official Cheese Weasel Day gifts and cheese trays a piece of… cheese?
Cheese Weasel Day Gifts
In the Information Age, technology is the backbone of every business. Cheese Weasel Day gives us all a chance to join in the spirit of fun and say “Thanks” to the folks who make the digital magic happen.
Looking for a CWD celebration in OKC?
For our friends in the OKC area, there is a Cheese Weasel Party at the 404 on Film Row 704 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102  on Wednesday, April 3rd, from 11-1. See you there!