Have you not heard Cheese Weasel Day is April 3rd?

10277346_698046623633607_162905812852104480_n#CheeseWeaselDay is the only internet holiday. It celebrates the contributions of techies to daily life. Do a web search and see for yourself, its a grassroots holiday that’s been around since the 90′s.

On Cheese Weasel Day (April 3rd) the Cheese Weasel delivers cheese to techies, usually leaving a slice of cheese under their mouse pads. People have office celebrations (see below, the party is already starting!), create art and generally express gratitude to techies on this fun (and cheesy) holiday.

Not sure who to send thankfulness to on Cheese Weasel Day? Anyone who helps you when your technology goes on the blink. They deserve a thanks! You’re not going to be able to give them an Apple iWatch until April 24th, so why not just slip them some cheese now?

Please consider joining the tradition for 2015, encourage  your company or organization to show appreciation of tech support. Don’t wait until Skynet gains self-awareness and your tech support has to deactivate a killer sentient robot before you say thanks. Say thanks April 3rd.  If you do have a celebration, please remember to use the tag #CheeseWeaselDay and let us know.

Remember, robots don’t care about cheese!

Thank you!

-Cheese Weasel