CheeseWeasel-01A Story by Chris Forbes. Illustration by Hannah Hanzel

Once upon a time, on April 3rd probably in the 90’s…we’ll say in California because that’s where weird stuff comes from–a magical thing happened.

Jack and Diane two young kids who were doing the best that they can working as tech workers were walking in a park near Silicone Valley. At least Diane was doing the best that she could. Jack was having a little trouble empathizing with people who didn’t understand the complexities of technology.

“I don’t know how you do it, Diane,” Complained Jack. “I try to be a good tech support, but I just don’t have your patience.”

“It’s easy, Jack,” Diane replied. “Remember I told you never use the phrase, ‘we’re currently experiencing a high call volume please go away I am making a sandwich.’ Instead say something like, ‘your call is very important to us.’ THEN go make your sandwich.”

Just then a tiny figure darted by them. “What could it have been?” you may ask. Well, I’m glad you asked… It was a weasel carrying something mysterious in its mouth.

“Did you see that, Diane?” Jack asked.“Do you mean that weasel carrying cheese?” replied Diane. “Yeah! I saw it too, Jack!”

“Well, you don’t see that every day!” Jack exclaimed. “Let’s follow the little guy! He seems to be heading to that office building over there.”

“Shhhh!” said Diane with a hushed, tone. “It looks like he’s going into the IT department.”

Jack and Diane slowly crept past the shelf with action figures, through the corridor of mysterious tech gadgets of old, and finally into the IT command central.

“He’s gone!” exclaimed Diane, “Oh! But look! He left cheese under all the tech workers mouse pads.”

“Oh my!” said Jack as he scratched his head in confusion. “The weasel left cheese in the video studio too and under the all the designers mouse pads as well.”

“Oh, I get it,” said Diane with a grin. “He must be the Cheese Weasel! You know, he leaves cheese for the good tech workers!”

“How in the world do you know that, Diane?” asked Jack.

“Because, Jack, he didn’t leave you any cheese!” Diane proclaimed with a smirk.

And thus began the legend of the Cheese Weasel. People say he comes and brings cheese to good tech support workers every April 3rd. But it’s hit or miss. Some workers get cheese, others, like Jack, get a practical life lesson about customer service.

The End!