Remember to say thank you to your tech support today!

We all have been remembering to thank medical professionals, supply chain workers, first responders and restaurateurs. But there is a group that is frequently overlooked. Techies!¬†¬†They have been working behind the scenes keeping your technology operational. Let’s bring a little joy in the middle of this Covid-19 crisis and say thank you to them! Where would you be without access to the technology that allows you to shelter in place with so many comforting tools at your finger tips? Techies are also heroes in this crisis. They deserve to be commended.

Post a thank you on your social media using the hashtag #CheeseWeaselDay thanking them. Then send an email, text, video chat, or call them and say thank you! It’s funny, in this crisis it is only possible to say thank you to them by using the tech they make possible!