Dear Kraft Heinz Company Big Cheese,

I am writing to you as a loyal customer and a cheese fan. I want you to join me in celebrating a fun and unique holiday called Cheese Weasel Day.

Cheese Weasel Day is the only Internet holiday that honors the people who work in the tech industry. It is celebrated on April 3rd every year by leaving a slice of cheese under a tech worker’s keyboard or mouse pad. The legend says that the Cheese Weasel travels the world and delivers cheese to the good techie boys and girls.

This is a great way to show appreciation and gratitude to the people who make our technology work. Promoting your cheese products and connecting with customers who love cheese is also a great opportunity.

I would like to request you celebrate Cheese Weasel Day by:

  • Sending a Cheese Weasel Day greeting card or email to your tech support team and other tech workers in your company.
  • Posting about Cheese Weasel Day on your social media accounts and using the hashtags #cheeseweaselday and #CWD.
  • Offering a special discount or coupon for your cheese products on April 3rd.
  • Sponsoring a Cheese Weasel Day event or contest for your customers or employees.

Here are five possible reasons why Kraft should celebrate Cheese Weasel Day:

  • Kraft is a leading producer of cheese products, and celebrating Cheese Weasel Day would showcase its variety and quality of cheese to its customers and potential customers.
  • Celebrating Cheese Weasel Day would align with Kraft’s mission of making today delicious by bringing joy and fun to people’s lives through cheese.
  • Celebrating Cheese Weasel Day would demonstrate Kraft’s appreciation and gratitude for its tech workers, who are essential for innovation, efficiency, and customer service.
  • Celebrating Cheese Weasel Day would create positive publicity and brand awareness for Kraft. It would generate media attention and social media buzz around its cheese products and its involvement in the holiday.
  • Celebrating Cheese Weasel Day would connect Kraft with a large and loyal community of cheese lovers and tech enthusiasts who might become advocates and ambassadors for its cheese products and its brand.

By celebrating Cheese Weasel Day, you will not only make your tech workers happy, but also increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty. You will also join a growing community of cheese lovers who enjoy this quirky and fun holiday.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you will join me in celebrating Cheese Weasel Day this year and make it a cheesy success.


The Cheese Weasel