The Original CWD Song

Here’s the song where it all began, listen to the

Original Cheese Weasel song sung by Kathryn Tewson

Pete Zolli: “The Cheese Weasel Day Song” (2018)

Underachievers: “Cheese Weasel Song” (2016)

Here’s a Bluesy Version of the Cheese Weasel Song

by Kirk Moore (@kirkmoore) from

New Variations of the Cheese Weasel Song

The New Cheese Weasel song by Anthony Alan (2014)

Cheese Weasel Song (New arrangement by John Brimacombe)

Cheese Weasel Day Rap song!

We figured since the Cheese Weasel gives wrapped cheese on April 3rd,

we’d rap a little cheese ourselves in his honor!

Click the Cheese Weasel to hear the CWD Rap Song MP3

Cheese Wheel Day (RMX) feat. Stevie G. tha’ RDQLUS One

(Free MP3 Download)

CWD Chorus by Kathryn Tewson,

Music Background by Cedric Hardimon a.k.a CedEnough

Rap lyrics by Steve G a.k.a RQQLUS